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Korean Ginseng 518MG, 100 Capsules are considered to be an adaptogenic herb.  Among its many uses, ginseng seems to be employed most commonly as an energy booster or aphrodisiac, traditionally by macerating whole ginseng roots in rice wine or some other alcoholic beverage (effectively creating tincture), which is often drunk sans any dilution, as prescribed by traditional Chinese herbalists.

Korean Ginseng 518MG, 100 Capsules has been deemed in studies to be of therapeutic value and efficacy against a wide range of diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and sexual dysfunction ailments. Moreover, Ginseng appears to affect also vitality, immune function, and cognitive and physical performance and maintains optimal oxidative status against certain chronic disease states and aging.

Additionally, there are typically four types of Ginseng, depending on how the root is processed. These ‘types’ do not equate to its place of origin, but rather to its color or state, of which there are as follows: Wild ginseng, white ginseng, red ginseng and sun ginseng. White, red, and sun ginseng undergo various types of processing (i. e. drying, heating, steaming) to increase whatever inherent medicinal properties they possess, while wild ginseng may either be used fresh (un-dried and unprocessed), or made into any of the three other variants.  There are also fresh ginsengs that are strictly of the cultivated variety, and thus are not classified as ‘wild’.

Korean Ginseng 518MG, 100 Capsules is an extract that stimulates and boosts as well the cellular immune function of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) in both normal healthy individuals and patients with depressed cellular immunity, such as those with chronic fatigue syndrome or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). At therapeutic concentrations, ginseng had been determined to improve the function of natural killer cells and to potentiate the antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity of PBMC.

Panax ginseng root extract encourages the production of collagen in human dermal fibroblast cells, possibly by stimulating the phosphorylation of Smad2, which is a central transcription factor in the production of type I procollagen. Due to this evidence, Panax ginseng root extract has reserved itself a good position in being a wrinkle-reducing agent for topical application.

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