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Grapes have been used for centuries to treat numerous conditions, the leaves of the vine were used to treat inflammation and pain, and the unripened grapes were used to soothe sore throats.  Grape seeds are even beneficial, as they are the source of grape seed extract, which offers several of its own medicinal benefits.  Grape seed extract is available in the form of liquid, capsules or tablets.  For benefits to the skin, it can be taken internally or applied topically.

Grape seed oil is used to treats acne, corrects dark circles, tightens skin, shrinks pores and reverses signs of aging.  It is also a natural moisturizer with none of the harsh chemicals found in many over-the-counter beauty products. The astringent in grape seed oil tightens skin and shrinks pores.  The combination of astringent and moisturizing properties helps tone skin and reduces dark circles under eyes. This tightening effect also helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. This light oil rarely causes an allergic reaction and is safe to use on sensitive skin. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and can start producing results in as little as two weeks

In addition to healthy fatty acids and vitamin E, grape seed is rich with anti-inflammatory antioxidants that help reverse free radical damage and reduce acne and facial redness. The linoleic acid in grape seed oil helps strengthen cell membranes and also fights acne and pimples.

Grape seeds contain oligomeric proanthrocyanadin complexes, which the researchers say are powerful antioxidants, in addition to other nutrients such as vitamin-E, flavonoids and linoleic acids. Flavonoids are believed to lower the risk of heart disease by decreasing your body’s concentration of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol..

Grape seed oil is applied to the skin by using the pads of the fingertips to rub the oil lightly on the face and body. Grape seed oil can be applied cold or as a hot oil treatment. It can also be added to other moisturizing products such as whipped butter.

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