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Echinacea Purpurea 500MG Capsules use initially stemmed from an age-old practice first employed by the Native American’s and the early inhabitants of Europe, such as the Vikings and the Celts who employed Echinacea as an early sort of disease-preventive supplement long before the introduction of modern antibiotics.

Echinacea Purpurea 500MG Capsules are the preferred variety over all the other available species of Echinacea and is employed (in various forms, the most popular being tinctures, capsules or tisanes) as a remedy for, or a preventive supplement against diseases and symptoms associated with the common cold, such as nasal congestion and sore throat. Taking this herb at the onset of cold symptoms is also purported to shorten the duration of cold symptoms and relief for the upper respiratory system distress.

Because it possesses significant diuretic properties, it has also been employed as a remedy for urinary tract infections, and as a supplementary remedy for gallstones and kidney stones. Due to its natural ‘antibiotic’ properties and its immune-boosting capacity, it is also generally taken as a food supplement to boost overall health. Topical treatments containing Echinacea may also aid in wound-healing. Additional health benefits associated with Echinacea use include diminished pain, reduced inflammation and enhanced immune function. Echinacea may also impart antiviral or antioxidant effects on the body.

Most of today’s applications involving Echinacea are typically in encapsulated or tablet-formed pills that are taken as curative or preventive supplements, although concentrated extracts, tinctures and teas, and even loose Echinacea is also available for the more ‘hands on’ or traditional herbalists.

As a side note, when purchasing loose Echinacea, especially Echinacea root, it is a good idea to ‘test’ the efficacy of the herb by first chewing a piece or a small handful of it (if it comes in mixed combinations of bark, roots, and flowers).  One should expect a slight numbing sensation in the mouth as a sign of potency and freshness which would otherwise be absent in old, impure, or improperly dried samples.

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